Does Seresto have to touch skin

No, Seresto does not need to touch the skin in order to work. Seresto flea and tick collars work by slowly releasing small amounts of insecticide over an extended period of time.

These collars use an innovative technology called transdermal delivery that distributes insecticides through the system when it comes in contact with your pet’s fur. This allows for an even distribution of the insecticide, without coming into direct contact with the skin.

The active substances in Seresto collars are released from the collar matrix and spread out in your pet’s fur following contact with their natural oils and moisture from licking or perspiration around their neck region. The active substances will eventually be absorbed into the outer layer of your pet’s skin, providing up to 8 months’ protection against fleas, ticks and other parasites without needing to be reapplied during this time.

What is Seresto?

Seresto is a flea, and tick preventive for dogs and cats. It’s an easy to use, long-lasting collar product that uses unique, patented technology. Seresto is different from other flea and tick control products, in that it does not have to directly touch your pet’s skin. Instead, the collar continuously releases insecticides into the microclimate of your pet’s neck area. The active ingredients are distributed via the surface of the collar ensuring that your pet remains protected even when wet!

The way that Seresto works is by creating a protective shield around your pet’s neck so that external parasites cannot access the seresto collars skin. This shield prevents contact between parasites and your pet’s skin, minimizing both discomfort and risk of disease transmission. As with any preventative device or product, it is important to read all instructions labels before use as not all dogs or cats may be appropriate candidates for this type of product .

How Does It Work?

Seresto is a flea and tick collar that offers 8 months of protection for your pet. It works by releasing two types of active ingredients slowly and continuously over time. These active ingredients form an odorless layer on top of the skin that works to ward off any fleas or ticks from landing on your pet.

Unlike other flea and tick collars, Seresto does not need to make direct contact with your pet’s skin in order to work its magic. The active layers will stay on the outer layer of your pet’s fur, giving them the same amount of protection without needing to press against their skin directly. This makes it a great choice for those furry friends who don’t enjoy having something strapped around their neck all day!

How Do I Apply Seresto Correctly?

When it comes to applying a flea and tick preventative like Seresto, you want to make sure you do it correctly for the best results. Fortunately, this is really easy – all you have to do is open the package and buckle the collar around your pet’s neck.

To apply Seresto correctly, start by familiarizing yourself with the product before putting it on your pet. Make sure there are no loose pieces or any signs of damage before beginning. Gently slide the collar over your pet’s head then pull it snug while ensuring that two finger widths can fit between the collar and your pet’s neck. Trim away any excess length with scissors then cut every third link of chain to create a secure fit. You’re now done with application!

It can be helpful to know that Seresto does not require any direct contact with skin in order for it to work effectively against fleas and ticks because its active ingredients are slowly released from small reservoirs on both sides of the collar. With proper sizing and secure fitting, you can rest assured that Seresto provides 24/7 protection, regardless of whether it touches your pet’s skin or not.

Is It Safe For My Pet To Have Skin-to-Product Contact?

Yes, Seresto is safe for direct contact with your pet’s skin. It is designed to disperse an odorless insecticide over time on the fur and hair of your pet and the collars release the active ingredients without you having to touch those sensitive areas of your pet’s skin.

The collars include two active ingredients that have been proven safe and effective when used as directed – imidacloprid and flumethrin. Both are able to remain on your pet’s coat from month to month, even if your pet takes multiple baths or goes swimming during that period. Of course, if at any time you experience a reaction from your pet due to contact with the product, please discontinue use immediately. If needed, contact your veterinarian for assistance you may require.

In the end

Even though Seresto does not have to directly touch the skin, if you do choose this option, you must make sure that the product is applied correctly according to the instructions in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. Furthermore, there are other options available if you feel uncomfortable applying Seresto directly to your pet’s skin.

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